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IQ Process Control


Pump Off Control > O2 VALUE CONTROL

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O2 Valve Control version 1.0


The monitor screen shows your current Co2 level, your control status and whether or not the valve is open or closed.

Key operations are:

F1 toggles between auto operation and manual operation.
F2 while in manual operation opens the valve.
F3 while in manual operation closes the valve.
F4 not used.
F5 brings up the screen menu.


The Set points screen allows the operator to set open and close set point levels in parts per million or ppm.

Key operations are:
F1 applies focus to the open set point.
F2 applies focus to the close set point
F3 not used.
F4 not used.
F5 brings up the screen menu.


The history screen shows the number of times the valve has opened and closed,
The average time the valve stays open in minutes, how long the valve has currently been open or how long it was open last cycle and the highest and lowest O2 levels.

Key functions are:

F1 reset counters and levels.
F2, F3 and F4 not used.
F5 brings up the screen menu.


The Analog levels screen is simply a reference tool to allow the operator to confirm that the same analog level being input from the O2 monitor is transferred correctly to the remote RTU. Both values should be identical.


The scaling screen witch is password protected, is for the initial setup of the control.


It references the O2 sensor input level, displays the current calculated ppm level and allows for changing of the scale used in the calculation. When changing the scale it also maybe necessary to move the decimal point and this is also possible here.

Background colors.


Whenever the current O2 level equals or exceeds the high ppm set point the back ground of the current screen will turn from green to red. When the current O2 level falls below the high set point the background will return to green. This is not an indication of the valve status, only an indication of whether or not the current  O2 level is at or above the high set point.